SMT placement device sort and pace

SMT placement machine is amongst the most important machines in SMT field, with the best complex articles. Almost all of the brands come from Europe, The us and Japan, with substantial sector share from Siemens, Panasonic, Fuji, etcetera. Placement machine includes a wide range of kinds, the subsequent Intertel technological know-how for everyone to come back

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A single, in accordance with pace cent

SMT machine is often divided by speed, high-speed machine, high-speed equipment, the device at very low speed, are frequently in accordance with the pace of your patch to decide, high-speed placement device for every hour previously mentioned 60000 grains, high-speed placement equipment involving 30000-60000, from the low pace placement device can be identified as multi-function SMT machine, along with the development of science and technologies, SMT device to satisfy shopper need concurrently the high velocity, high precision, large security, multi-function, simple operation and servicing, and can promptly alter of products growth

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Two, divide according to the composition

Placement machine is often divided into movable arm sort, compound kind, rotating disc sort and modular type based on the structure and performance. Movable arm type has fantastic adaptability and placement precision, and may be divided into one cantilever and multi-cantilever. Each individual cantilever might be put in by using a mounting head, which may be equipped with a number of suction nozzle, and also the mounting pace is very rapidly. The compound form sets the rotary desk and the movable arm form characteristic, the compound style family will increase the cantilever amount to further improve the patch pace, has the more strong versatility plus the refit; The rotary type is performed through the pickup component and also the SMT action at the same time, but thanks on the structural constraints, the SMT pace has a limit, and the SMT velocity is not significant, which has been replaced by passive arm and composite SMT device, and there is certainly minor circulation in the market. Modular SMT mounting machine consists of a number of modest independent SMT sets, along with the impartial pickup factors of every SMT head are mounted together with the exact block or multiple circuit boards simultaneously. For that reason, compact PCB board is incredibly appropriate for this SMT mounting machine.

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Third, by nation

Placement equipment can be a high-tech, high-precision digital manufacturing products, the existing mainstream, standard it really is Europe as well as the United states of america, the model of models, domestic brands are less industry share is small, typical LED strips are adopted by domestic big spacing placement machine, many of the health care, aviation, automobile, precision consumer electronics import gear, is greatly approved inside the mainstream line manufacturers include things like Siemens (ashkenazi, has been the ASM group), Fuji (Japanese), panasonic (Japanese), the next line incorporates the samsung (Korea), juki (Japanese), yamaha (Japanese), universal (the office)

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